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In The Shade Of A Willow … It is the summer of 1914 and the diplomatic situation in Europe is crumbling. Philip Oakley is bemoaning the fact that, as a Naval Volunteer Reservist, he won’t see any action in the inevitable war. But Naval Reservists are among the first called up, to be formed into the Royal Naval Division – ‘Khaki Jack’.   From the searing heat of Gallipoli and the frozen wastes of the Somme to the hell of Passchendaele, Philip discovers this is not the lark they all thought it was going to be.



A BARBED WIRE PEACE…  Philip Oakley returns from the Great War determined that life must be better for the men who fought alongside him in the trenches, and that such a war must never happen again. The Agricola Solution is the story of his fight for those convictions, and the moral dilemmas they bring.

In Book 1, A Barbed Wire Peace, Philip falls under the influence of the wily Sir Wilfred Bembridge and into a shadowy role in British foreign affairs, before turning his efforts towards making Britain a country fit for heroes to live in. But in embracing domestic politics he incurs the wrath of the powerful Sir Wilfred. Philip’s unconventional views and political alliances brand him an outsider as he battles with the Establishment.


Book 2 of The Agricola Solution, None So Deaf, finds Philip and his family in Berlin, where he discovers that Nazi Germany is not all that the British government wishes and believes it to be. When at last he is convinced that no-one is listening to his warnings, Sir Wilfred Bembridge admits him to the Agricola Solution, a plan (or is it a conspiracy?) so horrific that Philip doesn’t know which way to turn. But the Establishment in Whitehall and Downing Street have an agenda of their own, and they fight by very different rules.



A Matter of Dishonour is the final book in the Agricola series. Philip is thrown back on his own resources in his determination to stop Europe tearing itself apart again, but again he comes up against a complacent Establishment in London.  By now he is in danger of losing the faith that anti-Nazi elements in Berlin had placed in him, but still he refuses to give up. In a last-ditch attempt to save Europe from another conflagration, he sets out on a perilous journey to Prague to persuade the Czech government to hold out against Hitler and Chamberlain.




THE CYCLOPS RANSOM … A supertanker carrying more than a quarter of a million tonnes of crude oil from the Persian Gulf to South America is hijacked and forced to sail to an anchorage off the Somali coast. The pirates demand a massive sum for the release of ship and crew – but the US government has outlawed the payment of ransoms. Are the ship and her crew doomed to rot on a hostile and barren coast? Dan Stirling is an ex-Parachute officer, not accustomed to taking No for an answer. Peter Hall is an ex-Royal Marine, not in the habit of sitting around waiting for the rain to stop.


MAELSTROM … Jack Ross is in the rough end of Glasgow one rainy Monday night having an unhealthy time. As the blows keep coming, he regrets everything that happened six months ago, when an error of judgement marked the start of his problems. Forced to reassess his life, Jack persuades his wife and family to join him in pursuit of his dream – which involves the West Highlands of Scotland, a fast boat, and a lot of hope. After a promising start, things slowly unravel. The money’s running out, his charter clients are not what they seem, and his daughter disappears from the face of the earth. Soon Jack and his son Tom are fighting for their lives, and the police are staking out a Glasgow flat with an armed response team. The maelstrom is taking them all down.